Greg F. has written me about a 1967 Frisco Flyer he  is restoring. He included this picture of her as he acquired her in 1975. At that time he had her berthed in New Orleans. She is now in Seabrook, Texas. He wrote that he sailed her from New Orleans to Houston in 1976 at the age of 16.

a 1967 Frisco Flyer

a 1967 Frisco Flyer

He included this history of his Frisco Flyer:

We purchased our Cheoy Lee in 1975 where we were living in New Orleans at the time. I was 15 then and had a racing Soling but I wanted a “beautiful classic cruiser with teak decks” so I sold my Soling “Little Red” to help pay for the Flyer. My father worked for an oil company and was transferred to Houston in 1976. I sailed our Flyer from New Orleans to Houston that summer at the age of 16. What an experience! We sailed her in Galveston Bay and in the Gulf of Mexico during the next several years.

She was sadly sold in 1980 when my father had open heart surgery and I went off to college. Life went on, I got married and divorced and dad passed away in 1992. I did have some great pictures of that time we had. He and I would look at those pictures from time to time and wish I was sailing again on her.

About last year, I began to think about the Flyer again and then found the Cheoy Lee web site. After all these years, Cheoy Lees are still number one to me. I was able to track down and re-purchase our old friend. I found her all but abandoned up the Trinity River in a little harbor. When I got to her the water was 3 inches over the floor boards and the interior was covered in mold. I went inside the cabin, sat down and and cried. When we had her she was in bristol condition. To see her in this condition, unloved, was heartbreaking.

I pumped out her bilges, wiped down all of the mold, checked her rigging and sailed her home. That was in March of this year and I have been working on her ever since. There are many memories of our family and my father associated with her. During her life from 1980 to 2005 some items were lost. The interior lights above the berths are gone. They were rectangular with glass lenses. The dorade cap was lost, the special winch handles were gone.

In 1998 the then owner pulled the original Volvo MD1 single cylinder engine and all of the throttle and shift linkage out of the boat. I have the engine and part of the shift linkage but I am missing the throttle and misc. parts. Also missing were several of the shorepower outlets that Cheoy Lee installed. They were special electrical outlets and looked like a cylinder with a screw-on cap. I am currently searching for these missing parts through the Cheoy Lee web site. I am hoping that someone refitting their boat and not concerned about originality will be able to supply some of these missing parts.