The hanging locker is a space that’s been sorely neglected over the years. A lot of work has been done that affects the locker, but nothing has ever been done to finish it off, as with plugs, with cleaning, and with paint. It’s been largely hidden behind a rack of clothing until now.

It’s funny that I hadn’t noticed the state of this locker until I was taking pictures of the interior to add to the sale page. I’d had to remove all of the clothing stored inside, leaving only one PFD. Doing this revealed my neglect. Loose blue paint needed to be scraped off, years of grime needed to be washed away, screw holes needed to be plugged, and the locker needed a few coats of fresh paint.

the hanging locker before starting lots of work was done inside, but it still needed finishing

Cleaning this space has been difficult. It has required a lot of scraping to get the loose blue paint off. Then a lot of washing with TSP to remove all the past years’ accumulation of dirt. Because the locker is behind a door, I have to work in a small cramped space with the door to the saloon closed.

the locker after being mostly washed down

the locker after being mostly washed down

I scraped and got all of the loose blue paint off. Then I washed it some more. I let it dry, then applied a first coat of paint.

the back of the locker with a first coat of paint the bottom of the locker with a fresh coat of paint

Then it’s a matter of giving it a few days to set. I needed to address plugging the screw holes.

the plugs I need to install

the plugs I need to install

Next I applied a second coat of paint after the first coat had dried.

a second coat of paint in the hanging locker a second coat inside the locker

At the same time I started in with the plugs.

three of four plugs here the rod holder on the fwd bulkhead is plugged

After letting the glue set up for these plugs, I returned and knocked them off.

plugs shaved on the rod holder plugs shaved on the hand rail and one new plug added

I had to drill out the screw holes in the aft rod holder before I could plug them.

plugs in the second rod holder this is the original rod holder

And finally, with the plugs shaved and the rod reinstalled.

the portlight in the locker the hanging rod

the back panel and speaker back in the locker the bottom of the locker

Apart from adding some more wire wrap, I’m finished in this locker.