The work is completed on Bisous, and given that I’ve been out of town, Dave sent me these pictures of the lift down to the river:

Bisous on the travel lift  the travel lift straps

on the travel lift  being lowered

being lowered  her rudder and prop

lowered by the travel lift  nearing the river water

almost in  settled in

Dave tells me there were problems with stepping the mast. He said that the three new turnbuckles I had bought were too big. He said he now has to find some that fit in order to finish tuning the rigging.

The total of my bill was $1,532.50, which included the work discussed earlier this month. The invoice stated the following issues:

Mast step/unstep, one way, per mast. Hourly charge per man hour. This includes use of the Travel Lift and small parts, if needed (cotter pins, etc). ADDITIONAL TIME is billed at $95.00 per man-hour, including use of the Travel Lift. Minimum charge: $150.00.

Deck step, WOODEN MAST. Travelift had to be specially slung to step this mast. There were three pins in the mast step – installing the mast was by trial and error. There were three turnbuckles that were the incorrect size. There was some difficulty rigging the boat properly. Most of our mast steps take 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Time spent: 4.1.

Labor, rigging labor – install upper and lower spreaders, install boots, install halyard, topping lift, etc, rig/repair small items on mast, per customer direction, customer-supplied the parts. Time spent: 3.1

Rob called me and said he had gone by the yard later on and the boat is rigged and ready. He said that the yard wanted to wash her down before letting her go, however, because she had collected a lot of dust in the yard. They intend to do that in the morning and Rob will retrieve the boat around 10:00 and motor it back to her slip at Hayden Bay. He charged me $70 to motor the boat from the lift dock back to the marina a short distance away.