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the starboard saloon settee gets painted

I’ve started the work of finishing off the starboard saloon settee. I had retrieved all the foam I’d bought new 13 years ago, which I’d kept safely in storage. With the v-berth foam ready to cover, I decided to first finish the saloon, which already has a completed bunk cushion on the port side. I took … read more

finished with v-berth foam fitting

I’ve been making the final cuts in the foam for the remaining un-upholstered bunks in the boat. I have the starboard settee bunk foam fitted   I’ve been using an electric kitchen knife to cut the foam and it’s been a perfect tool.

the shelves for the forward cabin

I have both shelves for the forward cabin. The starboard shelf doesn’t need much work. The port side shelf is another matter. It’s untouched since being removed from that side before the new head bulkhead was installed. Lots of rot at the aft end, and some rebuilding needed.

v-berth bunk foam fitting

I’ve finished installing the v-berth facing boards and have now begun the work of cutting the bunk foam for subsequent upholstering. I’ve made some cuts to the foam piece that had originally been cut out for that bunk before the bulkhead at the head compartment had been added. I’ve been trying to find the center … read more

the forward cabin is fully painted

The painting of the forward cabin is completed and all the slats are re-installed. I’ve made one change since I re-attached the port-side ceiling slats. I’ve removed the water tank fill hose from behind the slats and left it resting in front of them. The slats pinched the hose too much, and when I checked … read more

slats on the port forward cabin ceiling

Work on the forward cabin is coming out better than I’d hoped. With the port side carefully scraped of old paint, steel brushed and washed with a strong TSP solution, then painted with a marine paint, it was ready for attaching the ceiling slats. I’ve had to cut down these slats to fit into the … read more

progress in the forward cabin

I’ve been working almost exclusively in the forward cabin lately, which I’ve become more and more excited about as I move along. This space, hugely neglected over the last thirteen years, became a catch-all for all my other projects. I find surprises in there almost daily, like some old, original trim stored in there by … read more

the jib sheet cam cleats are installed

I finally finished sanding and varnishing the two cam cleat bases recently. With several coats of varnish on the cockpit coamings, I attached the bases. Additional varnish on the coamings will include these bases. I had filled all the holes last year that the cabinetmaker had incorrectly drilled for the cam cleats. Now I needed … read more

progress with brightwork

The dorade boxes were in pretty bad shape. I started by giving them a teak scrubbing with the TDS liquid teak cleaner product. They each needed a few plugs replaced. Once the plugs were set I sanded them to ready for a first coat of varnish. The mast step base got a similar treatment. Then … read more

more forward grab rail fitting

I’ve completed the fitting of the starboard forward grab rail. I’ve given up on trying to remove the pen marks for now. They don’t sand out. I’ve cut down the port side rail to fit the forward space. I’ve made a cutout for the bottom of the portlight, and an additional wedge for the portlight … read more

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