I motored Bisous to the Rocky Pointe boatyard lift dock at 7:30 this morning.

the river was glass at 7:30 this morning tied to the lift dock

the lift dock at Rocky Pointe I left her for the yard folks to do their work

I returned at 1:00 to go over what was needed. I was thrilled to learn that I’d be allowed to work on the boat myself while she’s in the yard. The boot stripe was filthy with river sludge. I’d been unsuccessful with cleaning it using cleaning solutions, so I decided to buff it.

the boot stripe needs cleaning buffing out the scum was the only remedy

I needed to replace the zinc anode. I needed to fill the hole in the rudder where a previous filler had fallen out.

the prop and zinc anode the hole in the rudder

I brought over some buffing supplies and got all but a small section of the port forward boot stripe buffed clean and waxed before finishing for the day. It required a lot of arm strength and grew too hot to finish.

the boot stripe is clean except for the forward third of the port side the starboard side stripe is clean