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all about her Universal M-18 engine

an upgrade for the water pump hose

I’ve finally made the change to the water pump hose that I’d planned to do five years ago.  This was an inspiration based on the fact that the original water hose from the pump, which had been formed to fit around the front of the engine, was no longer being marketed anywhere. The hose I … read more

engine switches are resolved

I’ve finally finished replacing the engine switches. Given that it was only the front covers that had deteriorated, for the glow plug and starter switches I decided to simply replace the front covers. These fit on perfectly and it meant I didn’t have to mess with the complex wiring. I would have done the same … read more

wiring for the new engine switches

I’m trying to figure out how to install the new engine switches I’d purchased for $76 from Torresen Marine back in July 2012. I still need to replace the existing deteriorating ones. The original panel is long gone. The boatyard shop I’d relied on for advice back in 2001 had, over time, taken the panel out, … read more

a different water pump hose

I was at Cook Engine for supplies last week and noticed they had a brand new Universal 20 on display in their store. It was beautiful. I took pics with my smart phone but they came out miserably blurry. So familiar yet so NEW:       What particularly caught my eye is the way the … read more

the new raw water pump is installed

With advice from another Cheoy Lee owner I’ve undertaken the replacement of the fresh water circulating pump on my Universal M-18 engine.    I’ve successfully removed the existing water pump, which required metric wrenches that I didn’t have on the boat. I had to use a vise to get the nuts off the pulley cap. … read more

the new water pump arrives

The new fresh water pump has arrived. I’m having second thoughts about whether I can install this myself however.   

a new fresh water circulating pump on order

Knowing that I soon have to change the engine oil and fix the leaky water pump, I’ve ordered a new fresh water circulating pump from Torresen Marine. I’ve also posted the engine manual and parts list to this site, under CL Offshore 27 Specs in the sidebar. In all I’ve ordered parts #300203 with the requisite #301519 nipple, and the #300204 … read more

the water pump needs replacement

Gordon, the owner of the gorgeous CL 38 Sea Venture, called me to say he’d come over and help me with the water hose installation. Once there he used a lot more heat than I had but the hose still wouldn’t go on. The hose itself is 7/8-inch ID wire flex and although the heat exchanger attachment point is … read more

water pump hose leak returns

Back again to pull off the water pump hose and try to set it back on so that it won’t leak. I think it could be that the water pump pipe has old crud stuck to it. In any case, even though I tried to clean it off before putting the hose back on, it … read more

engine hose leaks

I’ve been running the engine every day over the last few days and find that one of the water hoses is leaking coolant. This only happens after the engine has been running for 15 minutes or more. I’ve tried tightening the clamps on this hose but the leak persists. I think there might be a … read more

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