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a new v-berth reading light

I’ve finally wired in a reading light for the port-side v-berth bunk. I’ve also positioned a new fire extinguisher in the head compartment. I have a few more extinguishers aboard, but this is the only one so far that is mounted.

I revisit the galley outlet wiring

I’ve made a lot of mistakes with what I’ve done on Bisous. I usually see them only much later, and then I ask myself what I was thinking. As I looked at the existing wiring for the galley AC outlet it occurred to me that I could run the wiring behind the bulkhead instead of … read more

the mast pipe hose is replaced

Unfortunately, the solution I’d come up with in August 2015 for covering the mast pipe wiring has failed. Over the course of this very wet season I’ve had a pretty consistent leak below from that hose. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening. I caulked it and tightened the screws, but still it leaked. Then … read more

a change in the mast wiring

I tackled the mast wire connections today. The mast wiring has always been a mess, and up to now I feel I’ve only made it worse. I inherited a rat’s nest of unmarked, confusingly-colored wires exiting the mast, and over time have tried to make sense of it with my limited knowledge. This, combined with … read more

an AC outlet I can be proud of

I couldn’t be more pleased with myself today. I left the boat feeling like I’d accomplished something monumental. It wasn’t really any more monumental than all the other projects that have successfully been done, so I think it must have to do with the fact that for twelve long years this outlet has been the … read more

revisiting the galley AC outlet

Something that has been a thorn in my side for years was my next focus. When I’d commissioned an AC electrical upgrade while still in the boatyard I had given the yard full leeway on the execution of it. What I ended up with was two AC outlets in the most curious and ungainly locations. … read more

a fused switch for cockpit DC

I’ve completed all but the final tidying up of wires for the cockpit floodlight and the cockpit well wall DC plug wiring. All I have left to connect from the radar mast is the VHF antenna. I moved the 4-post terminal block that feeds the stern light, compass light and cockpit well wall DC plug from … read more

the new stern light is wired in

I coiled some of the cables in the lazarette and secured the GPS cable to the bulkhead. I needed a bigger cable clamp than I had with me to secure the radar cable. I decided to begin working through some of the other wires in the lazarette. Since the stern light would be the easiest, … read more

LED bulbs for the running lights

I worked on the running lights. I had made a trip to Sexton’s to order my radar display housing and to pick up some caulk. While I was there I asked about the possibility of replacing my forward running lights with LED units. I was told to check the size of the bulb in the … read more

a change of mast wiring covers

I’ve changed the mast wiring covering at the deck pipe. I hated the look and fit of what I had previously done here last year. Although I would have preferred to use black bilge hose to cover the wires, the mast wiring pipes are 1-inch OD and I couldn’t find that size locally, so I substituted … read more

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