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my homemade canvas projects for the boat

new cockpit winch covers

The old winch cover which were made in 2004 are a disaster. And they weren’t made from the same canvas fabric as the rest of the canvas on the boat. I’ve corrected that now.

a cover for the pedestal and wheel

I’ve sewn a canvas cover for the pedestal and wheel. I patterned it out and made the cover using materials I’d bought from Sailrite. I then cut all the canvas pieces using a hot knife.       I installed a zipper in the forward, pedestal-guard section of the cover rather than in the aft, wheel section, even though a lot of … read more

I’ve sewn a new hatch cover

I’ve sewn a new forward hatch cover that has a plastic window incorporated in it, allowing light to enter the forward cabin.   

I sew a new foredeck sail bag

I’ve sewn together a sailbag for my jib. It’s from a Sailrite kit and it went together beautifully.   

the sail cover I’m working on

Lots more work completed on the new sailcover. I am almost there, but have decided to take the time to make a winch pocket in it. Everything else is done.   I bought a new sewing machine, the Sailrite Apprentice, their low-end workhorse, which is doing an awesome job.   

a canvas cover for the companionway hatch

I’ve just finished sewing a canvas tarp for the companionway hatch. It’s pretty simple, and until I get the boom on, is held up by the main halyard and the topping lift, with bungee cords to the stanchions.    I’m also working on a cover for the forward hatch. I plan to use snaps to … read more

planning a new sail cover

I’ve begun work on a new sailcover, the kit for which I bought from Sailrite. I already have two sailcovers for this boat, but they’re both that “blue” color I’ve worked so hard to rid my boat of. I bought Sunbrella in the color “toast”. It looks fabulous with green. I went to the boat … read more

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