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my experience in myriad boatyards with the boat

the shelter takes a weather hit

In addition to lots of ice and snow we’ve been getting hit with high winds. All of this caused the shelter to collapse onto the boat. The pipe bows were all bent and the shelter was leaning into the next boat over, with only my boat keeping it from falling over completely. The heavy ice buildup on the trees … read more

my own shelter is built

With lots of effort and hard work, my friend Todd and I managed to build the shelter over my boat. We worked on it together all day on Friday the 1st and only managed to get the base built and four of the bows up. On Saturday the 2nd, we both got the other bows up … read more

I’ll have to build my own shelter

I decided I couldn’t go through another winter in the yard under a tarp. And I know I can’t finish the boat before winter weather sets in. I’ve decided to build my own shelter. The shop has only one good shelter and it’s on another boat. I asked around and found out that I could … read more

a weather shelter from Charlot

I had been asking the Charlot Marine folks for a shelter since March in order to work on the boat without having to deal with all the tarps I have over her. All the hatches are off and the boat is exposed to all the rains we get here in Portland. Finally they brought this … read more

now in Tomahawk Boat Works

This is her spot in the yard. This is at the western perimeter of the yard, underneath trees that will afford shade during the hot summer months of sanding and stripping. There’s a small daysailor to starboard and a big motor boat to port. The mast is on barrels along the side of the boat … read more

a haulout at Sailboats of Oregon

After some agonizing soul searching, I decided to have the boat hauled and brought to a local boatyard for some much-needed upgrades. I chose Tomahawk Boat Works, a DIY yard on Hayden Island in Portland, where the monthly fee was the equivalent of a moorage payment. Her mast would be unstepped and placed on barrels … read more

the boat arrives in Portland

My daughter and I left the hotel and went over to CSR early this morning to wait for the trucking transporter to arrive. Once he got there and everyone was ready, the yard lifted the boat and swung her over to the truck. The boat was settled onto the trailer and strapped down. The bubble-wrapped mast was … read more

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