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my experience in myriad boatyards with the boat

a last minute anode change

An amazing turnaround for this haul out, and with everything finished by Thursday afternoon, I went to the boatyard on Friday to retrieve the boat only to find that there were unexpected delays with getting her launched. I’d hoped to get her out early in the day, at slack tide, but that wasn’t possible. The … read more

bottom painting is done

Bottom painting began yesterday. I stopped by this morning and attached the new zinc to the shaft. I couldn’t do it yesterday because the chain held the rudder in place and I needed to move it aside to get the zinc on. Today they’d changed the placement of the chain so that I could get … read more

a new zinc and more buffing

We’ve had really warm weather these past few days. I went to the boat early and finished buffing the last of the boot stripe. Then I went hunting for a new zinc anode. The zinc is unusual in that it screws onto the end of the shaft and is held in place with a cotter … read more

in the yard for bottom paint

I motored Bisous to the Rocky Pointe boatyard lift dock at 7:30 this morning. I returned at 1:00 to go over what was needed. I was thrilled to learn that I’d be allowed to work on the boat myself while she’s in the yard. The boot stripe was filthy with river sludge. I’d been unsuccessful with … read more

the trip to the Danish lift dock

The Beez is now at the Danish Marine lift dock, ready to be hauled out tomorrow morning. I checked the coolant level, adding some green coolant, checked the oil level which was fine, and started the engine to warm it up while waiting for a friend to come along and join me. I closed her … read more

the boat is finished and splashed

The work is completed on Bisous, and given that I’ve been out of town, Dave sent me these pictures of the lift down to the river:                Dave tells me there were problems with stepping the mast. He said that the three new turnbuckles I had bought were too big. He said he now … read more

her new name is applied

This is her third naming. Her first name was Seawolf, her second was Kvetch IV.       I made my way over to the boatyard and took pictures of the lettering. The mast appears to have already been rigged.

I discuss the work plans with the yard

I was at the lift yard at 9:01 this morning with all the mast rigging and the vinyl lettering. The office wasn’t open yet so I snapped some pictures of the boat from the parking lot, but couldn’t get any pictures of the mast because of its position in the yard.    The manager arrived shortly … read more

Bisous and the mast are at the lift yard

Today my boat was delivered to the lift yard for bottom painting and to have the mast stepped. The weather turned, and instead of the usual early, hot sun, we had heavy fog and very cool temps. The plan was to motor Bisous to the lift early in the morning, in order to have her there around 10:00. … read more

leaving the yard – launch day

The weather has been scorchingly hot this week. Today it reached 103°F. Hard to breathe when it gets this hot. It drives the energy straight out of you. Rob arrived at the yard at 6:00 in the morning in order to finish up with everything that I hadn’t or couldn’t get to. He ran the engine … read more

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