Today I changed the oil in the engine for a final time.

I started by pulling together the fuel oil and filter that I needed, along with my oil pump can. I bought three quarts of Delo 30W oil. I have many filters on hand. This is the oil can I’ve been using for years.

I ran the engine to temperature, then I unscrewed the plug on the oil drain hose under the engine and attached it to the hose on the can. A few pumps and it mostly drained itself. I kept at it to make sure I had all the oil out.

I screwed the plug back on the drain hose to the engine and removed the old filter from the side of the engine. I do this from the access doors on the port side of the engine compartment. I lay down a lot of soaker rags first, because there’s always oil leakage from inside the filter. I have a tool I use to remove the filter, which fits perfectly in the space. I use a ratchet wrench to turn it.

my oil filter wrench

With the old filter off, I used some clean oil to lubricate the gasket on the new filter, marked it with month/year, and screwed it on, hand tightening it only.

I then put two quarts of new oil in the engine, so that it could settle before I determined if it needed more.

engine hours

I did some teak scrubbing in the cockpit while here.

the lazarette seat hatch cleaned