I checked on the boat the other day and as soon as I approached her I smelled it. Rotten eggs. I’ve never smelled this before, but I knew it had to do with the batteries, although I didn’t know exactly what. When I opened the companionway doors I was flooded with the smell. I checked the battery monitor and found that the start battery was dead. I pulled it out of the cockpit locker, where it was over-heating, and set it in the cockpit.

I’d bought all of her current batteries from the now-closed GI Joe’s back in May 2006. Time has gotten away from me. This is the first evidence of problems with the batteries. They are all wet batteries, but far past their useful life.

Today I bought a new group 24 maintenance-free start battery for twice what it had cost me in 2006. But the technology has advanced and although I was told a battery can be expected to last 5 to 7 years, the store was impressed that I’d gotten 12 years out of the now-dead battery I brought to them.

the new group 24 battery installed in the cockpit locker

Although the house batteries aren’t showing any issues, I will replace them soon as well.