her new name is applied

This is her third naming. Her first name was Seawolf, her second was Kvetch IV.

the vinyl lettering is applied  progress as seen from behind the fence

the fence that keeps people like me out of the yard  a glimpse of the mast in the yard

I made my way over to the boatyard and took pictures of the lettering. The mast appears to have already been rigged.


  1. Denise, I just saw you pictures of the finished product. Beautiful! I am now going to paint my cheoy lee green, like yours! what paint did you use?

    I’m begining to think mine will never be splashed; in the process of taking all the cabin teak down to bare wood and re-varnishing. Ugh.
    Need Mannie back. or 2 Mannies.
    best regards,
    David OBrien

  2. David,

    My painter used Sterling paint, which you can buy from Fisheries Supplies out of Seattle. It’s similar to an Awlgrip.

    You know what, I felt that way about my boat tons of times. It will happen, just keep going. I did it without a Mannie, too!

    Take care,

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