Bisous and the mast are at the lift yard

Today my boat was delivered to the lift yard for bottom painting and to have the mast stepped. The weather turned, and instead of the usual early, hot sun, we had heavy fog and very cool temps.

The plan was to motor Bisous to the lift early in the morning, in order to have her there around 10:00. I had contacted North Channel Marine, the yard just behind Sailboats of Oregon, a few weeks ago to arrange all of this in advance. After delivering the boat I would drive to where I’ve had the mast stored, load it into a 26-foot U-Haul truck, and deliver it to the yard before it closed at 17:00.

Toward that end I motored Bisous out of Hayden Bay at about 08:30 this morning, made our way over to the lift dock and had her tied off there by 10:15.

I then drove to my friend’s house to retrieve the mast. With lots of help we got the mast loaded into the U-Haul and made it back to the boatyard, in rush hour traffic, just before 16:00. The yard manager wouldn’t let me anywhere inside the yard which frankly I found extremely annoying. I’m sure this yard is a fine and upstanding operation, but I don’t think I’ll use it again for this very reason.

Tomorrow I’ll bring all the standing rigging over to the boatyard and discuss the remaining details with the folks there. I will also have to contact the sign graphics guy to have him apply the lettering on the stern counter, since I’m not allowed into the yard, and I’ll have to have Rob go in and address the head discharge thru-hull issue so that it lies closer to the hull, all of which I thought I would be able to do myself.

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  1. Wow! Not even allowed in the yard??? I think these yards are taking this way too far. The problem is that today’s busy people just put up with it, and don’t even care since they don’t work on their boats anyway.

    I couldn’t stand that sort of thing and hope yards in Maine never follow suit.

    Hope all goes well!


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