The Beez is now at the Danish Marine lift dock, ready to be hauled out tomorrow morning.

I checked the coolant level, adding some green coolant, checked the oil level which was fine, and started the engine to warm it up while waiting for a friend to come along and join me. I closed her up and hosed down the house and decks. I went below and made sure everything was securely tied down. It was very windy, with gusts to 22 mph, and I was worried about leaving the dock. That ketch next to me still sticks out pretty far, and the wind was coming from the northwest, which would force me into her stern as I backed out of my slip . I agonized over whether to postpone.

My friend arrived and assured me he would fend me off if needed, and we released the lines as I backed out of the slip. It went well and we were able to leave the dock without incident.

The river was very choppy. The wind was chilly for this time of year as well. There was a sail race in progress which is always difficult to maneuver around. The river often doesn’t seem big enough for both the races and the rest of the river traffic. And at this time of year there are a lot of shallows to avoid.

When we got to the lift dock there was no room to tie her up. We had to leave her inside the lift area and hope for the best. I marked positions of all the stays and shrouds with sail tape, then disconnected the mast wiring.

We walked from there over to the Island Cafe next door and celebrated in the chilly night breeze.