taken at her haulout on 26 April 2018; bottom paint and new anode

taken at her haulout on 26 April 2018; bottom paint and new anode

Hull number 1547
LOA: 26′ 10″ (26.83)
LWL: 19′ 6″ (19.5)
Beam: 7′ 8.5″ (7.7)
Draft: 4′ 4″ (4.33)
Working sail area: 384 sq. ft.
Displacement: 6,900 lbs.
Internal ballast (keel weight): 2,700 lbs.
Water: 26 gal.
Fuel: 10 gal.
Raritan PHII manual head
30-ft. Sitka Spruce mast

Offshore 27 outlines

Offshore 27 outlines

This is a boat from a time in the not-so-distant past when adventurous souls sought the experience of sailing from port to port with a focus on enjoying their chosen destinations. It was a time when smaller boats made passages more efficiently and with less investment in expensive gear than is typical today; times when people like Larry and Lin Pardey didn’t expect to take all the amenities of their land homes along with them, but instead looked forward to enjoying their next landing with the sights, sounds, and people they would encounter there.

last haulout in September 2012

taken at her previous haulout in September 2012. New bottom paint, anode, and bootstripe repositioning.

This is a classic blue-water sloop, a consistent head-turner wherever she is sailed. She has had only three owners, all in the Pacific Northwest. As the third, I’ve owned this boat since July 1999. This boat is a perfect single-hander with all the comforts to be had from a boat of this vintage. The bulk of work undertaken on this boat over the years I’ve owned her has been with systems improvements, while more recently attention has been focused on below-decks comfort.

Work continues daily on the cosmetic finishes below decks, and additional pictures will be posted as more work is completed.

All pictures on this website are recent, late 2016 to mid-2018, except where otherwise noted. The pictures haven’t been enhanced or altered and depict the boat as it currently appears.


Bisous retains her original teak forward hatch and dorades. The original teak house siding was removed many years ago and replaced with FRP paneling in 2002. The single stainless opening port and three deadlights in the dog house were replaced with bronze opening ports from Port Townsend Foundry, installed in 2003. All the opening ports have bug screens. A new bronze round deadlight was installed in the forward doghouse in 2003.

the deck-stepped mast, her doghouse and dorades the forward hatch and bronze deadlight

The forward hatch is covered with canvas. The four coach house windows were replaced with new glass in 2002.

a forward deadlight, two forward round opening portlights, and two rectangular opening portlights

forward bronze ports include a forward deadlight, two round opening portlights, and two rectangular opening portlights

A bronze chain pipe was installed in the forward deck in 2004, and the anchor rode drops down into the custom-made chain locker built in 2010. A Danforth anchor hangs from the pulpit ready for deployment.

the foredeck with bronze chain pipe

the foredeck with bronze chain pipe

A bronze mushroom vent was installed in the after deck in 2004 for ventilation. A new pushpit was custom built for the after deck in 2007. This boat did not originally have a pushpit.

Port quarter showing custom-built stern rail and mushroom vent for lazarette Bisous starboard quarter showing new custom-made stern rail, radar mast attachment, and towel-bar traveler

Her original horse traveler blocks were replaced with a traveler bar, provided from another Cheoy Lee of the same period, in 2008.

the mainsheet traveler bar and blocks

the mainsheet traveler bar and blocks

A custom-built radar mast was added in 2008 and supports the Furuno radome, a GPS receiver, the VHF antenna, a stern nav light and a cockpit floodlight. The mast is gimbaled for long voyages on a heel, with a mid-mast control. The first two pictures of the mast were taken in February 2008, with no changes to it since that time. The third picture is from earlier this year (2017) and shows the gimbal control.

the radar mast from behind the radar mast from the side a recent picture of the mast with gimabal control

The emergency tiller is currently kept in the stowage area under the quarterberth bunk.

the emergency tiller

the emergency tiller


She sports her original pedestal and wheel, but with additions of an Edson offset pedestal guard in 2008, Edson engine controls with Edson wheel brake in 2001, and a Furuno radar display in 2009.

the pedestal and wheel with radar display; the shifter is behind the wheel the throttle and wheel brake

Her original Edson wheel has been enhanced with custom rope-covering in 2004, and a Ritchie binnacle compass added in 2000.

the rope-covered wheel and Ritchie compass the Ritchie compass

The Furuno radar display with GPS was  installed in 2009.

Furuno radar & GPS the radar housing

A Standard Horizon depth sounder was added in 2000, and matching knot meter was added in 2003, both on the starboard aft coach house. The companionway hatch and doors are original, but lift hinges have been added to the doors for more easily viewing the logs while under way. The doors securely lock with a skeleton key.

the Horizon knot meter and depth sounder the log gauges

ISSPRO engine gauges replaced the old gauges and were installed on forward cockpit well wall in 2003. The engine switches were moved to the starboard aft well wall, also in 2003. A Guzzler manual bulkhead pump was added in 2003 and is installed in the lazarette. A pump handle inserted in the opening at the starboard aft well wall allows for pumping out the lower bilge from the cockpit. The Guzzler pump has recently been replaced with a new one.

 ISSPRO engine gauges the engine switches and manual bilge pump

There is also a full set of original cockpit cushions for this boat.

full vinyl cockpit cushions

full vinyl cockpit cushions

the cockpit cushions the cockpit cushions

The cockpit lockers have had new shelves installed, and contain two new (January 2018) 6-volt golf cart house batteries to starboard and a new (January 2018) group 24 maintenance free start battery to port. A fused switch in the starboard cockpit locker controls the cockpit floodlight located on the radar mast, and the cockpit DC plug, located in the port aft well wall.

enclosed in a battery box new golf cart house batteries

the starboard cockpit locker with bilge and fuel hoses; also the engine shutoff located here a fused switch for the cockpit light and DC plug

new maintenance free start battery the port cockpit locker with lots of stowage space

the exhaust hose and winch handles the yard number burned into the forward bulkhead inside the port cockpit locker

A Guest 2610A 10-amp, fully-automatic, water-resistant, fully encapsulated, dual-stage charger was added in 2003. This is installed under the starboard settee along with the transducer for the depth sounder.

the Guest battery charger the model of Bisous' Guest battery charger

The original cockpit ice box hatch, hopelessly rotted, was removed in 2005 and filled in with an FRP patch. Two new and larger, bronze cockpit scuppers were installed in the sole in 2004. Cockpit seat scuppers were added to the forward cockpit outer corners, completed in 2011, and help with drainage of pooled water on the seats. The cockpit is still in need of some additional patching and a coat of new paint.


This is a dragon-class Cheoy Lee. The dragon carving is located over the forward doorway of the saloon.

the dragon carving inside Bisous

the dragon carving inside Bisous

the dragons in the saloon a detail of the carving

The saloon settees have both been reconstructed with new, removable cushions covering new 4-inch foam. I have lots of extra fabric for other cushion ideas and would gladly hand it over at no additional cost. All of the bunk boards for the settees have been rebuilt and painted.

the companionway

the companionway

The starboard settee has a full-length shelf over and behind it. The ice box is located aft of the bunk. An original dome light is located above this aft settee. A 110V outlet is located under the aft-most shelf area.

the aft starboard settee the starboard saloon settee

The electrical panel, located over the cabinet in the starboard forward saloon, includes a 30-amp AC main, and an eight-switch DC panel above a voltmeter. All electrical wiring for this boat was professionally updated in 2003, with two 110-V AC outlets installed in the main cabin.

the starboard forward saloon the custom-made electrical panel

Next to the electrical panel is a stereo speaker, above which is the bilge pump switch for the upper-bilge-platform pump. Over the starboard forward cabinet is a bookshelf.

the bookshelf over the starboard cabinet the starboard cabinet at the forward end of the settee

A Standard Horizon VHF radio is positioned over the aft end of the starboard shelf. A cover for the cockpit log instruments hides the backs of those instruments.

the Standard Horizon Intrepid VHF the aft starboard cabin corner

The VHF was probably purchased around 2003. The Pioneer stereo with removable face plate, remote control, and DVD player, installed in 2006, is located in the starboard forward settee bulkhead.

the Standard Horizon VHF radio the Pioneer stereo in the forward starboard bulkhead of the saloon

Over to port, the quarterberth settee also has shelving over the bunk and deeper shelving over the aft section. A bunk light has been installed in its forward bulkhead. An oil lantern hangs over this settee.

the port quarterberth the forward port quarterberth

The dinette table is stowed over the forward section of this port shelf. When in use, it sets between the two settees.

the dinette table stows over the quarterberth shelf

the dinette table stows over the quarterberth shelf

The companionway doors also lock from the inside. The dome light over the starboard settee is shown here.

the companionway to starboard the companionway to port

The ice box is in the aft-most starboard end, and is currently used as a storage space. The battery switch is located under the companionway steps, in easy reach but out of the way.

inside the ice box the battery switch under the companionway steps


The galley is located in the port forward saloon. It was newly plumbed and the galley countertop partially recovered with new Formica in 2007. There is more of this Formica to finish the counter and I would gladly provide it at no additional cost. An AC 110V GFCI plug is located in the galley bulkhead. Storage cupboards are located both above and below the stove, as well as under the sink.

the galley with sink and stove the under-galley cabinets

The sink faucet was replaced, and the sink plumbing was redone, in 2007.

dish cupboards over the galley counter a deep sink with new drain plumbing and a manual pump faucet

The original propane stove was replace with a two-burner, gimbaled Origo alcohol stove in 2001. It has barely been used and is like new.

the Origo gimbaled two burner alcohol stove the Origo two burner alcohol stove is gimbaled

The locker cupboards above the galley counter contain two sections, one with a hatch in the bottom, and the other with a dish organizer. The 11-gallon holding tank is located in the hidden cupboard space behind the stove, and can be accessed through the hatch in the locker above it.

the locker next to the dish rack, hatch leads to holding tank the dish rack over the sink


The isolated head compartment is entirely new, completed in 2015. The original Wilcox-Crittenden Imperial toilet was located under the aft port v-berth bunk with just a seat lid to hide it from view. I felt this was a design that could use some alteration and added a bulkhead between the v-berth bunk and the toilet. A shelf was added behind the toilet at this time. Earlier this year a Raritan toilet was added to replace the old toilet, and is fully serviced. It has a retractable pump handle to save valuable space.

a Raritan PHII manual toilet with a retractable pump handle

Over the head is a rectangular bronze opening portlight with bug screen.

the opening portlight with bug screen

the opening portlight with bug screen

Across from the head is the hanging locker. This locker also contains a bronze rectangular opening portlight with bug screen. The back of the electrical panel is accessible here, as well as the back of the stereo speaker. This locker has just been cleaned and repainted.

the upper section of the hanging locker the lower section of the hanging locker

The door to the hanging locker also closes off the saloon when privacy is needed.

the door between galley and forward cabin

the door between galley and forward cabin


The forward cabin has been largely reconstructed over time due to extensive rot when I purchased the boat. It has a new, enclosed chain locker in the forepeak, a new forward deadlight, two new round bronze opening portlights with bug screens, shelves over both v-berth bunks and storage lockers beneath, a new starboard bunk light, and all-new bunk cushions with new 4-inch foam. Super comfortable. It still contains the original water tank under the v-berth. Overhead beams have been added to mitigate deck delamination, a solution that was blessed by a local surveyor.

a reconstructed forward cabin

a reconstructed forward cabin

the v-berth cushions in the forward cabin

the v-berth cushions in the forward cabin

On the port v-berth side, there’s a shelf over the bunk and an opening portlight that includes a bug screen. The water tank fill hose runs down along the port bunk. The water tank is located under the v-berth and holds 26 gallons of water.

the opening portlight over the port v-berth bunk port v-berth portlight closed

the port v-berth shelf the water tank fill hose in the port v-berth bunk

 On the starboard v-berth side, there’s a shelf over the bunk and another opening portlight that includes a bug screen. A dual white/red dome light illuminates the space, and the water tank vent hose runs up the aft end.

starboard portlight over bunk the starboard v-berth shelf

the aft starboard cabin bulkhead the dome light on the starboard bulkhead in the forward cabin

300 feet of anchor rode with chain is stored inside the chain locker.

inside the chain locker

inside the chain locker


Bisous was re-powered before I bought her in 1999 with a 1981 Universal M-18 diesel engine; I keep this engine well serviced and it has always run without issues. New fuel hoses and a Racor filter were installed in 2002. A new water pump was installed in 2007. The alternator was serviced in 2001, and a new propeller and SS shaft were installed at that time, as well as cutlass bearing and shaft coupling.

her Universal M-18 engine front view top view of engine


Included is an older mainsail and jib, and a newer genoa in great shape. The mainsail was probably new with the second owner who had also re-powered the boat. It is stretched but has been well cared for and has life in it still, and shows no wear points at all. The genoa is like new. The sail inventory could be updated. The main is boom roller-furled, a system whereby the the boom rotates the mainsail around itself.

the mainsail raised at dock

the mainsail raised at dock

The following are pictures taken on 27 May 2019 as I begin Spring cleaning:

the main raised on 27 May 2019 the main with battens

the main raised on 27 May 2019 the main raised

the main tied to the boom