a check of the impeller

I checked the impeller today to see if it needed to be replaced. I haven’t put that many hours on the engine since I last replaced it, but it gives peace of mind to be certain it’s not in pieces inside the pump body. I have a slip neighbor who is restoring a 1967 Alberg … read more

an upgrade for the water pump hose

I’ve finally made the change to the water pump hose that I’d planned to do five years ago.  This was an inspiration based on the fact that the original water hose from the pump, which had been formed to fit around the front of the engine, was no longer being marketed anywhere. The hose I … read more

an oil change

Today I changed the oil in the engine for a final time. I started by pulling together the fuel oil and filter that I needed, along with my oil pump can. I bought three quarts of Delo 30W oil. I have many filters on hand. This is the oil can I’ve been using for years. … read more

new cockpit winch covers

The old winch cover which were made in 2004 are a disaster. And they weren’t made from the same canvas fabric as the rest of the canvas on the boat. I’ve corrected that now.

photos after a light wash-down


a new v-berth reading light

I’ve finally wired in a reading light for the port-side v-berth bunk. I’ve also positioned a new fire extinguisher in the head compartment. I have a few more extinguishers aboard, but this is the only one so far that is mounted.

some additional anchor system items

I found a few more items in storage that belong to Bisous. This CQR anchor that I’d bought years ago for this boat. Also this anchor rode bag with chain and rope rode inside.

a last minute anode change

An amazing turnaround for this haul out, and with everything finished by Thursday afternoon, I went to the boatyard on Friday to retrieve the boat only to find that there were unexpected delays with getting her launched. I’d hoped to get her out early in the day, at slack tide, but that wasn’t possible. The … read more

bottom painting is done

Bottom painting began yesterday. I stopped by this morning and attached the new zinc to the shaft. I couldn’t do it yesterday because the chain held the rudder in place and I needed to move it aside to get the zinc on. Today they’d changed the placement of the chain so that I could get … read more

a new zinc and more buffing

We’ve had really warm weather these past few days. I went to the boat early and finished buffing the last of the boot stripe. Then I went hunting for a new zinc anode. The zinc is unusual in that it screws onto the end of the shaft and is held in place with a cotter … read more

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